Harlem Academy admits promising children and supports them in cultivating their talents. During their time at Harlem Academy, students experience tremendous growth, emerging as avid readers, strong writers, and critical thinkers. We measure our success and our students’ success with the same metric: the extent to which each child is meeting his or her potential within an advanced academic environment. To learn more about our results, please download our 2021 progress report.

Harlem Academy is reversing the downward trajectory that often defines the opportunities available to low-income children. Students enter with median scores in the 74th percentile and graduate at the 90th percentile.

Among the last four classes of graduates,100% of students have enrolled in selective schools. Seventy-five percent have moved on to independent schools, with annual scholarships averaging over $50,000.

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Over the past four years, 94% of Harlem Academy graduates enrolled in four-year colleges and universities.

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