The board of trustees is the guardian of Harlem Academy’s mission. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves, to monitor the success of the school in fulfilling its mission, and to support and promote the mission in the broader community. 

The board of trustees is responsible for setting the school’s vision and a strategic plan for realizing the vision. Trustees ensure that their efforts – individually and collaboratively – contribute to the execution of the strategic plan and realization of the vision.

board of trustees

David B. Peterson | Chair - Bio
Tony Asnes | Trustee - Bio
Avi Banyasz | Trustee - Bio
John Belizaire | Secretary - Bio
W. Graham Cole | Education Committee Chair, Development Committee Co-Chair - Bio
Will Cook | Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair - Bio
Vincent Dotoli | Ex-Officio - Bio
Joshua Easterly | Trustee, Investment Committee Chair - Bio
Ty Elie | Trustee - Bio
Mary Ganzenmuller | Trustee - Bio
Doug Griebel | Trustee - Bio
Robert L. Harteveldt | Trustee - Bio
H. Dale Hemmerdinger | Trustee - Bio
Valarie A. Hing | Trustee - Bio
Carol B. Kenney | Trustee - Bio
Thomas Klein | Trustee - Bio
Ann MacRae | Trustee - Bio
Elizabeth McHenry | Trustee - Bio
Betsy S. Michel | Trustee, Development Committee Co-Chair - Bio
Rodney Pope | Trustee - Bio
Hank Prybylski | Strategic Planning Committee Chair - Bio
Tom Reycraft | Committee on Trustees Chair - Bio
Richard Schaps | Trustee - Bio
Hillary Thomas | Communications Committee Chair - Bio
Alan Washington | Audit Committee Chair, Transition and Pandemic Response Committee Chair - Bio


Mark H. Johnston
Laura B. Sillerman


Shirley A. Jackson, Ph.D.
Robert Kissane
Michael Levine
William E. Mayer
Alice Quinn
David R. Salomon
Jill Toporek

junior board

Charlie Better
Kofi Boakye
Alexandra Peterson Cart
​Chelsie Caruso
Dan Castelli
Karen Chung
Meta Fallon
Elizabeth Geldres
Kate Hannon
Clare Hawthorne
Alexandra Idol
Spencer Ingle
Sarah Labowsky
Ben Lavely
Monica Gray Logothetis
Jenny Lynch
Hayden Millington
Tanner Powers
Molly Prybylski
Thad Reycraft
Natalia del Rivero
Kris Rodgers
Hunter Serenbetz
Liz Warner