Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Harlem Academy’s mission is to prepare bright, motivated students from underserved communities for success at top secondary schools and universities.

The school’s strategic plan focuses on the evolution from an entrepreneurial program into a sustainable and permanent institution. It sets three broad goals to establish programmatic, physical, and financial permanence. Efforts to achieve each goal run on parallel paths.

  • Programmatic Permanence. Harlem Academy will develop, refine, and codify a K-8 program that prepares talented students from underserved communities to succeed at top secondary schools and universities.
  • Physical Permanence. Harlem Academy will establish a permanent home within Harlem that supports the program and includes dedicated spaces for science, athletics, and the arts. The new facility will enable the school to increase its impact to 216 students in the short-term, and to almost 400 students in the long-term, while also reducing the cost per student through economies of scale. 
  • Financial Permanence. Harlem Academy will raise the funds necessary for the school to grow to capacity, to meet students’ full need for financial aid, and to position the school for future sustainability.

The complete strategic plan and progress toward these goals can be viewed here:  Strategic Plan 2012-2017.


In 2014, Harlem Academy’s board of trustees purchased a half-acre lot on St. Nicholas Avenue, in the heart of the communities we serve. It is easily accessible by public transportation, and located near historic landmarks, parks, Harlem School of the Arts, and City College.

The new campus is being designed pro bono by Rafael Viñoly Architects whose extraordinary educational spaces include the mathematics building at Oxford University, the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College, the campus expansion at Rockefeller University, and NYU’s campus in the Middle East.


A new home will allow us to triple the student body, building on the success of our first decade and sustaining an even stronger program into the future.

The expanded school will provide students with dedicated science labs, strong technology, and space for athletics, arts, and more.  A state of the art library will be at the heart of the building, offering a calm and inspiring space for students to read, write, conduct research, and collaborate. Indoor and outdoor space will balance intellectual and physical activity, structured and unstructured time, hard work and play.

The permanent campus represents the next chapter in Harlem Academy’s evolution, ensuring the school's impact for generations to come.