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High School Placement

Our goal is to ensure that every student is positioned for continued growth with a placement at a secondary school that will challenge and support them toward the full realization of their potential. The right school will push students with high expectations, provide new opportunities for explanation and learning, and open a door to college.

Starting in sixth grade, we work closely with families to introduce a range of options and the continue to work closely with students and families throughout the application and placement process. 


We hold grade-wide information sessions, one-on-one meetings, and weekend drop-in sessions to support families in completing applications and navigating the financial aid process.


All students visit a boarding school in sixth grade. In eighth grade, Harlem Academy provides transportation for eighth graders to boarding school tours and interviews. 


In seventh grade, all students take a benchmark Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) to help determine academic skills that may need extra work and develop an initial list of target schools. During their eighth-grade year, standardized entrance exam preparation is provided on Saturdays in the fall. All students receive access to an online testing program and curriculum, along with formal instruction. 


In seventh and eighth grade, students develop interview skills in class and work with trained volunteers who conduct practice sessions and provide constructive feedback using a detailed rubric. 


Eighth graders work with their English teacher throughout the fall to hone their personal statements. Additional support for supplementary essays is also provided.

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Everyone was so helpful and responsive during a stressful process.
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