A Letter from the Head of School

A Letter from the Head of School

Monday, August 27, 2018

As a new school year begins, it’s wonderful to see the familiar faces of returning students and the fresh faces of our new class of first-graders.

We have much to celebrate as we kick off a new year, from the tremendous achievement of our most recent graduating class of eighth-graders – 100% of whom are now attending selective secondary schools – to the fact that every one of our graduates is making a mark within their communities, including back here at Harlem Academy.

Our students are earning 16 points of growth by the time they leave us in eighth grade, graduating in the 90th percentile. Compare that to students of similar backgrounds who typically drop to the 59th percentile by eighth grade. We are reversing a downward trajectory, setting students on a path to thrive at the highest academic levels.



However, there is still work to do. We continue to focus on how we can support our graduates through secondary school, college, and beyond. And we continue to share our strongest practices with the broader education community, extending the school’s impact on promising children nationwide.

As we welcome back everyone in the Harlem Academy family, we’re excited to hit the ground running. Our young future leaders – who will one day join a thriving community of alumni – are ready to get to work. And so are we!




Vincent A. Dotoli