Harlem Academy takes a holistic approach to wellness, including physical education classes, daily recess, and healthy meals. We build lasting habits for wellness through meaningful practice across multiple grades and disciplines – just as we do with academic skills. These goals are supported through our advisory program, school counselor, and teaching team.


Physical education classes are held daily in primary school (grades K-2), three days per week in elementary school (grades 3-5), and integrated into the electives program in middle school (grades 6-8). The program gives students a sound understanding of the foundational skills that apply to organized sports so they are prepared to participate in competitive athletic environments as they grow older. We value teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, and the opportunity for all participants to grow from their experiences.


Free play is also an important component of the daily program. Each division has a 40-minute recess in the school yard to play soccer, basketball, or four square; make up their own creative games; or just relax with friends. Some middle school students use this time for informal clubs or to work in small groups with our school counselor. 


Our meals and snacks focus on lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables, always with some choice and toward an effort to build healthy eating habits. After recess, each division gathers for lunch, which begins with a pause for silent reflection and ends with a brief informal meeting for daily announcements. 

Analise, Seventh Grade Student

The motivational skills I’m learning from sports will always stick with me and help me with everything from homework to writing essays.
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