A Graduate Pursues Her Creative Passion

As an avid photographer, Marianna “Mari” Lee ’20, a senior at Miss Porter’s, was thrilled when she received a Hill Arts Foundation fellowship last summer. She was able to visit art galleries and museums in the city, meet curators and artists, and discover a variety of career opportunities. “The fellowship was eye-opening,” says Mari. “I learned about all the roles within the art world, from curator to preservationist to teacher. I didn’t realize how many possibilities there are for a career in art.” Mari’s own career will definitely be behind a camera lens. “I’d like to be a photojournalist or travel the world doing freelance photography.”

When she’s not taking photos, Mari is on the court. She’s captain of the basketball team and will be playing for Pace University when she attends this fall. Mari is also on the volleyball team and a member of the Sister to Sister affinity group. “It’s important to me to be in a big sister role and set a good example for younger kids,” she says. “I gained that sense of community at Harlem Academy. Everyone was supportive starting in first grade, and it created true bonds. That’s what I looked for in high school and now as I head to college – a place where I can thrive."
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