Our 20th Year!

Dear Friends,

Today marks the first day of our 20th school year. We have come a long way since 2004, when a small group of parents, students, teachers, and supporters came together with a bold vision to overturn the status quo for promising students in Harlem.

Over the past 20 years, we nurtured that vision, creating a school that is both rigorous and joyful – a space filled with love of learning, intellectual curiosity, and growth. Whether performing "Macbeth," dissecting a heart, doing overnights in the woods, reciting original poetry, or meeting a Senator, our students develop confidence in the face of challenge. And in doing so, they learn not just advanced academics but that they can accomplish anything. Year after year, I see that knowledge on full display as alumni jump into new challenges and make their mark on the world.

Since 2004, we’ve grown from 12 to 170 students and an additional 160 alumni, from a nascent program to a proven track record, and from rented storefronts to our own campus. Amid all these positive changes, I take the greatest pride in what has always remained constant: our community's unyielding commitment to our mission to drive equity of opportunity.

As we look toward the next 20 years, we are not content to rest on our laurels. We will grow to 360 students through a future expansion, establish Harlem Academy as an educational beacon, and build an endowment to ensure our mission persists for generations to come.

Whether you have been involved since the beginning or joined us along the way, I hope you’ll take a moment to read more about our accomplishments and vision for the future.

With gratitude,

Vinny Dotoli 
Head of School
Harlem Academy
655 St. Nicholas Avenue
New York, NY, 10030

P (212) 348-2600
F (212) 348-3500


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Harlem Academy is an independent school (grades K-8) that drives equity of opportunity for promising students, guiding them to thrive at the highest academic levels and one day make a mark on the world.