Celebrating Young Artists [Photo Gallery]

Earlier this month, we welcomed family and friends to our first annual K-5 visual and digital art exhibition. We were so proud to showcase the creations of emerging artists whose explorations ranged from quilt-making in kindergarten to creative coding in fifth grade and all manner of artistic expression in between.

The joy derived from making art was evident in every piece featured at the exhibition. As guests perused the gallery, our primary and elementary school students enthusiastically pointed out their work, their faces filled with excitement. “This one is mine!” said first grader Antonia, showing off her clay creation. “I had so much fun making it.”

"Throughout the evening, students eagerly awaited the opportunity to grab my hand and lead me to their work," says Kristy Castro, primary and elementary school director. "With big smiles and confidence, they detailed what they had accomplished with overwhelming pride.”

Our partnership with Harlem School of the Arts brings teaching artists together with Harlem Academy students for instruction in dance, music, art, theater, creative writing, and more. As students progress from grade to grade, they build upon basic artistic concepts in order to advance to more complex techniques. Thanks to this innovative collaboration, we are able to expand our programming and help students nurture their creativity, develop foundational skills, and discover new interests. 

“Watching the students' pride in seeing their artwork displayed professionally, their love for their art teachers, and their celebration of each other was extremely special,” says Mia Simon, student and community partnership manager at Harlem School of the Arts.

We were thrilled to come together as a community to celebrate our students’ inspiring work.

Click here to see more of their art and photos of the evening.
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