Middle School Math Teacher

About Harlem Academy:
Harlem Academy is an independent school (grades K through 8) that drives equity of opportunity for promising students, guiding them to thrive at the highest academic levels and one day make a mark on the world. Please peruse our website for more information about our school culture, family partnership, new campus, strong results – and everything else that makes Harlem Academy uniquely positioned in the New York City education landscape.
Our incoming middle school math teacher must possess outstanding skills for maximizing learning and a commitment to helping nurture a school that rivals the best private schools in New York City. The middle school math teacher has the following core responsibilities:
  • Teach sixth through eighth grade math using Math in Focus, including a traditional Algebra 1 course, modeling a passion for mathematical reasoning and critical thinking.
  • Write and execute rigorous, engaging, culturally relevant, and developmentally appropriate lesson plans, and meet core learning goals.
  • Provide individualized remediation and extension work as needed, including coaching of advanced students in a problem-solving lab.
  • Use evaluation and a data-driven understanding of your students to drive decisions.
  • Manage routines and environments to ensure safety, academic performance, holistic growth, and a warm and inviting classroom culture that reinforces our school creed.
  • Advise a group of middle school students and lead arts and/or sports electives.
  • Build genuine relationships with families in formal and informal written correspondence, meetings, volunteer opportunities, and overall collaboration.
  • Reflect on and improve professional practices with mission-focus, depth, and honesty.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in innovative program development, coaching, and publication of articles on best practices using a thoughtful, team-oriented approach.
Three or more years of experience and a relevant master’s degree are preferred.  

Harlem Academy offers professional development opportunities, benefits, 10 weeks of paid vacation, and salary scaled to experience and demonstrated skills starting at $60,000.  
To Apply:
Applicants should email a cover letter and resume to Eric James, Middle School Director, at ejames@harlemacademy.org (Attn: Middle School Math).  The cover letter should be no more than two pages and describe your capacity for contribution.  This position starts late August 2023.  
Equal Opportunity Employer:
Harlem Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, gender, national origin or ancestry, veteran's status, sexual orientation, or any non-job related physical or mental disability.  We welcome candidates who will contribute to our diversity and strongly encourage applicants from traditionally marginalized groups. 
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Harlem Academy is an independent school (grades K-8) that drives equity of opportunity for promising students, guiding them to thrive at the highest academic levels and one day make a mark on the world.