Welcome to the Board

Welcome to the Board

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

We are excited to welcome Carol B. Kenney to Harlem Academy’s board of trustees. Carol began her career at the New York Federal Reserve, followed by more than a decade working for Wall Street firms, first at Loeb Rhoades and ultimately with Shearson/American Express, as well as Wertheim and Company.

Carol retired in 1986 to focus on her family and nonprofit work. For more than a decade, she led classes for the Zero-to-Three program at the Early Childhood Development Center, a division of the Center for Comprehensive Health Practice located at Metropolitan Hospital in Harlem.

Carol serves on the board and a variety of committees of the Martha’s Vineyard Nonprofit Collaborative. She is vice president of the board of trustees at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church and is slated to be its president in 2022-23. She has also served on the executive committee for her co-op for more than three decades.

Carol is a native of Missouri and a product of its public school system. She earned a full-tuition scholarship at Harvard/Radcliffe and has a Ph.D. in the science of natural health.

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