Sagence Drives Pro Bono Data Management Project

Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanks to the generous pro-bono services of Sagence, Inc., Harlem Academy is upgrading the way it collects, manages, and analyzes student data. Sagence is a unique advisory and delivery firm specializing exclusively in data management and analytics.

Through site visits and meetings with our administrative staff, Sagence is in the process of designing a custom database solution that will help us track student performance and outcomes in real time and more precisely tailor instruction and curriculum development to our students’ needs.

From their grades, to their scores on standardized tests, to their attendance and behavior, students produce mountains of valuable information every day. Harlem Academy teachers and administrators are diligent about collecting these data in an organized way and analyzing them to drive decision-making. But collecting and entering data takes work and time, time that could be better used pushing students to their full potential.

Sagence is helping Harlem Academy streamline data management practices so that data collection is integrated and automated wherever possible. Our staff will soon be able to spend less time managing data, and more time acting on it to support student growth. Not only will teachers and administrators be able to more incisively identify patterns in student achievement in real-time, they will have years of previous data to compare against quickly and intuitively.

Head of School Vinny Dotoli notes of the project, “Harlem Academy has always been data driven. Sagence is helping us take a crucial next step towards more efficiency and power. We will soon be able to use information to flexibly make decisions across our operations. This contribution is invaluable to us and will help us better realize our mission of preparing students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds for success at top secondary schools.”