Pursuing Science at Carnegie Mellon

Pursuing Science at Carnegie Mellon

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Alumnus Miles Williams ’16 embraced leadership during his four years at Lawrenceville: captain of the rock climbing team, captain and co-president of the Quiz Bowl team, editor of the school magazine. When he saw an opportunity to motivate others, he took it. “Across all of my leadership positions, I wanted to share what I'd learned from my experiences,” says Miles.

He hopes to do the same at Carnegie Mellon, where he is currently a freshman. “Right now, I'm mostly looking to do well in my classes, but I have plans to organize more rock climbing and get involved with the Black student union.”

What really excites Miles, though, is studying chemistry. “I've always been inquisitive and chemistry is where the answers are,” he says. “It's an unending field of possibility for knowledge and change.” Miles has his eye on a combined B.S./M.S. program in chemistry and knows he’ll have to prove himself before applying in his sophomore year, but he’s confident in his abilities. 

“Harlem Academy set me up for academic excellence,” says Miles. “I was in an environment that nurtured my curiosity and my potential. I'm thankful for the path I'm on, and it started here. Harlem Academy is a part of my origin story.” 

As Miles’ story continues, he sees a future fueled by education, science, and the pursuit of a Ph.D. “My dream is to make my mark on the great arc of chemistry knowledge, with generations of future students studying a concept that I discovered.” 

Thank you to the Harry Winston Hope Foundation and Con Edison for supporting our middle school science program.


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