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Human Biology

Seventh grade science focuses on cells and human body systems. It is a chance for students to learn about many of the organ systems and how they work together to help the human body function. Students take part in wet lab dissections and work closely with neuroscientists and cancer biologists from research universities in the New York City area.

Students begin this course with a study of genetics and cells, exploring the elements shaping the characteristics of our features and how cells function. Students visit the Bio Base Laboratory to collaborate in small groups with scientists and examine different types of cells under high-powered microscopes.  At the end of the unit, students consider cutting-edge applications of biotechnology, such as genetic engineering, stem cell research, genetically modified foods, and the Human Genome Project.  

For the remainder of the year, students investigate the organization of the human body and its systems. Students spend two trimesters exploring 11 human systems and the ways they interact, including two dissections. As part of this program, students work with research scientists from Memorial Sloan Kettering and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The program emphasizes careers in science and makes connections to real applications of lessons, such as genetic engineering and stem cell research. 

Vinny Dotoli, Head of School

Today’s STEM classes are tomorrow’s cures and innovations. This program illuminates the path. Students are motivated when they can draw clear links between science concepts, future career paths, and the impact they can have on the world.
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