Program Partners

Program Partners

Harlem Academy has developed innovative partnerships with universities, corporations, and nonprofit organizations to offer authentic and engaging experiences for our students. Our approach is to dive deeply into extended experiences with practitioners over a course of days, weeks, or even years to encourage depth of learning.

Our Shakespeare program opens each year with a weeklong acting workshop, exploring a play's themes and use of language to express character and plot.

Classic Stage Company

As part of our seventh-grade human biology course, students work with nueroscientists for two months, culminating with a brain dissection.

Columbia Neuroscience

Over the course of six weeks, poets work closely with sixth- and eighth-grade students, leading them through the creative process of writing, revising, critiquing, and performing original works.

Poetry Society of America

To open the year, our middle school students take a three-day team-building trip to a wilderness setting focused on adventure-based learning.

Princeton Blairstown Center

As part of the eighth-grade applied science course, students collaborate closely wih architects to design a city block, culminating in a juried review.

Colliers International

All middle school students spend three days on the Rensselaer campus working on applied math and science questions alongside students and professors.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute