COVID-19 Protocols


Harlem Academy will continue to follow all safety guidelines put forth by the city, state, and CDC, which have called for schools to reopen for in-person instruction with layered prevention strategies. 

Our approach includes:

Masks - Whether indoors or outdoors and regardless of vaccination status, all students and staff will wear masks unless they are eating lunch, getting a drink, or on a designated mask break where they can stay seated and distant.

Distancing - By limiting new enrollment, Harlem Academy will meet or exceed the CDC’s guidance of three feet of distance between students in classrooms.

Hygiene - Handwashing and proper respiratory hygiene will be taught and encouraged. Touchless hand sanitizer has been installed throughout the facility.

Ventilation - The HVAC system has been updated with MERV-13 filters, and portable, medical-grade HEPA air purifiers have been added in all rooms. 

Screening and COVID-19 Testing - Students and staff will complete a daily screening questionnaire, and all on-site staff and students will receive weekly COVID-19 rapid tests. 

Visitors - Large gatherings will be held virtually and visitors will not have access to the building unless they are approved by the head of school or assistant head of school. 

Meals - Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be single-serve and distanced in classrooms or outside. Teachers will wear masks while students are eating.

Vaccination - All team members were vaccinated before opening day, and all eligible students are encouraged to get vaccinated.