"Nuyorican" by Micaela Gonzalez

"Nuyorican" by Micaela Gonzalez

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I’m from the dark Bronx, illicit and glowing. Where all I eat is simmering ketchup, salty, bacon, egg, and cheese, teeth muscles chomping, mouth watering.

I’m from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico where the crystal clear water is perfect,
but also my purple pulpo, salty white carrucho, and cheesy yellow sorullos take me back. I’m from set tables of rice and beans every night and divine ice cream from Rex Cream, just a hint of spice to the mix. 
Don't forget about mom's chicken and pig feet, slimy and gooey!
I’m from the bodega on the corner wondering, 
“Hey, where's my Cola Champagne?” The only thing I chug down when I go.

I’m from Nana's 4-decade-old apartment 15A,
Daddy’s raucous basement house,
Mom and I live like a bitter-sweet and spicy heart that cannot be separated. . . 

I’m from a great school with great teachers, 
never thinking I could be so well educated

I'm from my two-story-high-bed with the one medal that makes me proud of who I am as Micaela Gonzalez, where the butterflies take me away 
And the lights give me hope to make the world develop equality. 
Cars honking, people yelling; Home is where I am a Nuyorican.

I’m from trips with my dads 80’s music “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down never gonna run around!” 
Nights of the coqui’s orchestra, “coqui, coqui”

I’m from Abuelita Milagros house dreading to her say, “Deja de mirar en el espejo lo va a romper” (Stop looking in the mirror your gonna break it!) I crack up every time I hear it.

I’m also from, hectic nights of the Latinx version of X-Factor on Telemundo “Let’s go, Eric!” I’m from dreams of sports--from supporting family and friends who encourage me with their weight lifting hand. 
From people who don’t scold me but educate me.

I am putting strength and effort to work hard for my dream to be like Carla Cortijo, one of the first Puerto Ricans on the WNBA. Even though I am what I would say trash

This is a message from a 12-year-old girl 
Chase after your dreams, like a bird looking for its nest