A Moment for Mindfulness

A Moment for Mindfulness

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Amid the challenges of this year, it has been more important than ever to find ways to care for and support one another with compassion and love. Guided by April Frazier, Harlem Academy’s mindfulness specialist, we make time each day for meditation to decompress, release stress and anxiety, and refocus.
A brief meditation has become the norm for opening staff meetings, closing Community Meetings, and resetting focus in class. “My goal is to help our students and staff reconnect to their inner resources in order to navigate challenging times,” says April.
Click below to watch her lead two meditation practices – one for children, the other for adults – that offer a window into some of the strategies our students, families, and team are using to navigate this stressful moment and develop their resilience toolkit for the future.

Meditation for Children

Meditation for Adults


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