Middle School History

Our history curriculum instills an understanding of the complex factors that shaped historical events. Critical periods and events are analyzed through a structural framework of six components: government, geography, economics, religion, social groups, and history. The curriculum allows students to explore history through a blend of print and digital materials that emphasize active inquiry, strong literacy connections, critical thinking, and evidence-based reasoning. Our project-based learning approach immerses students in real-world inquiry that introduces historical events, ideas, and figures. In addition, the curriculum builds critical skills in close reading, analysis, and argumentation. Over the course of their middle school history studies, students are able to:

  • Investigate and synthesize complex content
  • Use evidence to construct and evaluate historical arguments
  • Analyze point of view and interpret information
  • Assess continuity and change over time and over different cultures and geographic regions
  • Consider human commonalities and differences
  • Effectively debate issues
  • Build deep understanding