March 2, 2020 message from Mr. Dotoli

March 2, 2020 message from Mr. Dotoli


Dear HA Community, 

I hope you had a chance to read the email from Ms. Feliz over the weekend about steps we need to take related to the novel coronavirus and the flu in general; those practices are reposted at the bottom of this email for your review.

In addition, we are going to make a switch for the time being to greeting each other with warm words and eye contact but without hugs or hand shakes.  I know this is hard because of our values and the way we connect with each other, but it's just a good additional safety measure to try to slow the spread of viruses that can make us sick and are occurring in significant ways right now

If your kids are like mine, they have lots of questions related to the current situation.  The best thing to do is to keep engaging them in conversation, share facts that you know, and look up or ask for help about anything you don't know.  Our kids benefit from good balance in us - a seriousness around teaching good habits like those listed below and following up on important information as it comes in, while also keeping perspective and taking a couple deep breaths when we feel our own anxiety rise.

We are continuing to monitor the situation among our NYSAIS independent school network and with NYC DOE.  We will stay in touch with you as anything new emerges and, as always, invite you to reach out to me, Ms. Davis, Ms. Weintraub, your child's teacher, or the school nurse if you have questions.

Enjoy the day.