Living the Creed at Andover

Living the Creed at Andover

Monday, March 18, 2019

When Ariana Phillips ’17 has a goal, nothing will stop her from achieving it. Whether it’s starting a new club at school, learning Russian, or overcoming a challenge, this Andover sophomore continues to live our creed every day.

I Take Opportunities to Lead

Earlier this year, Ariana started her school’s first photography club, The Andover Edition, which melds her long-standing interest in photography with fashion and social media. She and other members photograph Andover students for the club’s Instagram account. “We already have more than 400 followers,” she says. “It’s becoming pretty popular!”

“As club president, I have to make sure that I’m on top of things. It’s a lot of work to lead the team, but it’s worth it.” 

I Care for My Community

Showing leadership is not the only way Ariana is living the creed in her sophomore year. She’s also delving into important social issues that call for passion and conviction. This fall, she participated in an eight-week, community-based violence prevention program at her school. She also attended the Social Justice Learning Institute conference hosted by Andover that brought together students from different schools to discuss diversity, gender, and sexuality issues. 

“All of these issues are important to me because I want to give back to my community,” she says. “I want to be an advocate for people who don’t have the resources to advocate for themselves.”

That’s why Ariana plans to become a lawyer. She has her sights set on attending Georgetown University and has already signed up for a three-week program there this summer. “It will give me a better understanding of how government and law work, and I’ll learn more about Georgetown, too.”

I Seek Help When I Need It

With her dream of Georgetown just two years away, Ariana is focused on excelling at Andover – and a particular line from our creed is proving to be key. “There were times when I struggled in chemistry,” Ariana admits. “I reached out to my teacher for help, and my grades improved. Seeking help when I need it was instilled in me at Harlem Academy. Now it has become a natural part of my thinking.” 

She’s grateful to have high school teachers who make her feel supported – just like she felt here at Harlem Academy. “Everyone at Harlem Academy wanted me to succeed, but I had to put in the work. That led to me having the opportunity to come to Andover in the first place.”

I Make the Most of Each Day

What’s next for Ariana? Russia! “As part of my scholarship, I get to go on a three-week trip there next year,” she says. “We’re going to St. Petersburg, Moscow, and other cities. I’m really excited!” No wonder Russian is currently her favorite class at school. “I’m getting better at it every day,” she says.