The Educational Landscape

The Educational Landscape


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We seek motivated, hard-working students who are ready for rigorous academics and want to make a strong contribution to their school and community. Most Harlem Academy students enter with scores at the 70th-85th percentile. They are students who are not being challenged at public or charter schools and whose talents haven't been developed enough to gain admission to the city’s other selective programs. We set tuition on a sliding scale, and no qualified family is turned away for an inability to pay.

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In the communities we serve, 0.3% of kindergarteners have the resources or preparation needed to test into the citywide gifted and talented programs. The rates in other neighborhoods are 20 times higher.

Local schools have limited resources for high achievers. Just a fraction of students in Harlem, Washington Heights, and the Bronx exceed state standards for basic proficiency.

Students enter Harlem Academy with average scores in the 74th percentile and earn 16 points of growth by eighth grade. Nationally, students with a similar profile fall to the 59th percentile.

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