Harlem Academy: Before and After

Harlem Academy: Before and After

Thursday, January 27, 2022
Harlem Academy’s new building will have a tremendous impact today and for generations to come. After years in three separate storefronts, our students can now learn and grow in one campus designed to inspire, challenge, and support them. Check out these before and after photos to see the incredible transformation.

In past years, students and teachers had to navigate three storefront spaces. Now, they walk into one main, welcoming entryway.

The classrooms in our old space were tight and often windowless. Our new classrooms are spacious, let in lots of natural light, and are equipped with smart boards.

With no dedicated library, an open area in the middle of our old building served that role. Today, our library offers ample space, an expansive collection of books, comfortable seating, and multiple areas for quiet reading and study.

Instead of eating meals at their desks, our students now head to the café where they can enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.