Eighth Grade Science

Emergency Medicine 
We start the year with an emergency medicine unit, which connects knowledge of the body’s systems from seventh grade to the appropriate response to emergency situations.
Students analyze a patient to determine the injury, and study wound management, shock, fractures, and heat-induced ailments.  
Writing a Scientific Research Paper
In the second unit, students develop a thesis statement, conduct research, and write a research paper, honing critical skills in non-fiction reading and writing. Each student’s final project is submitted to a national science essay competition.
Students work with architects for five weeks to design a concept for a building, create perspective drawings, and build a 3-D model. As a culmination of this work, students present their design to a panel of architects. 
In the third trimester, students study chemistry, the science of matter and its interactions. This unit helps students to better understand the world around us and prepares them for high school chemistry, biology, and physics curriculum.