Distance Learning During COVID-19

Distance Learning During COVID-19


At the heart of our approach to family partnership is the belief that students thrive when our community extends beyond the school’s walls and the formal school day. Harlem Academy views families as critical partners, and parents participate actively in the life of the school.


Our distance learning program translates the high expectations and individualized support that we know matter most to an online environment.

Engaging instruction is offered through interactive, live classes (taped for those who cannot attend), as well as videos and written lessons, with an 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. suggested schedule.
Guided independent practice in math and reading takes place on several excellent online platforms that allow teachers to monitor progress and provide feedback.
Lots of reading and writing is incorporated into our program, just like always.
Individualized support is provided through feedback on assignments, during regular check-ins with every every student and family, and at office hours held throughout the week.


Community is at the heart of our school. It’s how we take care of each other, and at the end of the day, it’s what’s behind our best results. 

Mindfulness classes for students, teachers, and families are offered throughout the week to continue to strengthen our collective toolkit for navigating challenges.
Chess classes are continuing to give students a chance to keep up with friends in their class, while continuing to sharpen their skills! 
Other social activities, including family fitness, virtual knitting circle, and a middle school movie night offer time to connect and enjoy time together as a whole community.


Our priority during this challenging period is to ensure every one of our students and families is safe and supported.

We surveyed every family to understand their needs and support them in finding solutions.
We distributed laptops or tablets to any student who needed one for distance learning.
We are expanding financial aid for families whose income has been impacted by this crisis.
We shared information and resources related to meeting basic needs, like food, healthcare, and housing assistance, as well as educational resources to support families during downtime. 
Our school counselor and advisors are in touch with families and are holding small group sessions for students to connect with trusted adults and peers for support throughout this period.