Workshops & Presentations

Harlem Academy shares best practices with graduate students, start-ups, established schools, and other organizations. The schools with which we partner come from diverse models, including traditional public, charter, Catholic, and independent. Below is an illustrative list of our workshops and presentations. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact the school.

Stereotype Threat

This presentation explains the concept of stereotype threat, why it happens, and ways to mitigate its effects. It also outlines specific school-based interventions, such as instruction on learned optimism and a speaker series highlighting individuals who defy stereotypes. This presentation was originally developed for attending parents. 

Presentation Download: Mitigating Stereotype Threat

A Culture for Maximizing Student Potential

This workshop focuses on developing academic and character habits foundational to a students’ ability to succeed in school and beyond. Participants learn strategies for creating a school-wide culture to maximize student growth in these areas, observe a lower school community meeting, take part in a student meet and greet, and engage in a panel discussion with Harlem Academy alumni as they share how these skills impacted their success in high school and beyond. This workshop was originally developed for public, charter, and private school educators from the Schools That Can network.

Presentation Download: Maximizing Student Potential

School Leadership

Presentation discusses a range of topics related to school leadership, including mission, vision, pedagogy, curriculum, use of time, supervision, and professional growth.  This presentation was originally developed for school leaders from the Klingenstein Center for Independent School Leadership at Columbia University.

Download: School Leadership

Singapore Math

The session offered a guide to implementing Singapore Math, drawing on Harlem Academy’s nine years of experience with this curriculum.  We discussed strengths and shortcomings of the program, focusing on practical tips for implementation.  The session included observations of the program at the third and fifth-grade levels, informal conversation with students, and a panel discussion that included our math chair and a classroom teacher.  The session was originally developed for Schools That Can.  

Download: Guide to Implementing Singapore Math

Teacher-driven Curriculum Development

This presentation and tour outlined successful strategies for teacher-driven curriculum development and highlighted two successful courses developed by Harlem Academy teachers – U.S. history and human biology. Attendees then had an opportunity to observe these programs in action.  This presentation was originally developed for colleagues from public, charter, and private schools associated with the Schools That Can network. 

Download: Teacher Driven Curriculum Development

Building an Effective Vision

This workshop focuses on the process of developing a vision statement that can guide the realization of an organization’s mission.  It poses key questions for organizational leaders to consider and uses the evolution of Harlem Academy’s mission and vision as an illustration of this ongoing process.  This presentation was originally developed for graduate student attendees from Teachers College at Columbia University. 

Download: Building an Effective Vision