August 18, 2020 message from Ms. Davis

August 18, 2020 message from Ms. Davis


Dear HA Families,

It is hard to believe that we are less than two weeks away from the first day of school. Teachers and staff members have been working diligently to put together a well-thought-out remote learning plan. Below are some important dates and information to support a smooth transition back to distant learning.

Important Dates: 
Primary (1st & 2nd grade) Parent Meeting- Monday, August 24th, 7 pm (Parents/Caregivers Only)
Middle (6th-8th grade) Family Meeting- Tuesday, August 25th, 6 pm (Parents/Caregivers Only)
Elementary (3rd-5th grade) Family Meeting- Tuesday, August 25th, 7 pm (Parents/Caregivers Only)
In-Person Learning Family Meeting- Wednesday, August 26th, 7 pm (Parents/Caregivers Only)
Calendar invites will follow this email; please RSVP 

We will review expectations for remote learning, introduce our new tech platform, Blackbaud, provide campus updates, and answer any of your questions. If you have children in more than one division, you only need to attend one family meeting. If your child is learning from school, please attend both the in-person learning family meeting and your child's division meeting. 

Student Orientation- Thursday, August 27th, 6 pm- 7 pm (Students Only)
Teachers and advisors will meet with their class to build community, share expectations, and answer any questions students may have. Teachers or advisors (middle school) will have a one-on-one meeting with each family before opening day. Please be on the lookout for their emails/phone calls next week.

First Day of School- Monday, August 31st (Live class starts at 9 am)

Remote Learning Supplies:
Each student will receive a tote bag of school supplies and materials necessary for remote learning such as notebooks, pencils, folders, textbooks, workbooks, independent reading books, and a bunch of other grade-specific items such as math manipulatives and calculators.  
Pick-up: Wednesday, August 26th, and Thursday, August 27th, 5 pm- 7 pm.  
Drop-off: Friday, August 28th, 9:30 am- 11 am Westchester/Northern Bronx,  11 am- 2 pm Manhattan/South Bronx

Families can either pick up or have their supplies dropped off (Bronx, Manhattan, and Westchester county only). Please reply to this email by Friday, August 21st, letting us know whether you'd like pick-up or drop off. If choosing to pick-up, please indicate the day and time for pick up so we can easily organize the bags. If you'd like your bag dropped off, please also provide the best address and contact information in your response. Please also let us know whether your child needs a computer so we can be sure to put it in their bag. Students learning on-site will receive their supplies when they arrive on the first day of school, Monday, August 31st.

Lunch Forms 
Lunch forms are required every year from every family. Families can enroll in the lunch program, whether your child is learning at home or on-site. If your child is learning at home, families can pick up lunch on a daily or weekly basis, along with morning and afternoon snacks. Please click on the link that corresponds to your family's learning style and complete the form. Forms are due by Friday, August 21st. If you have any questions, please contact Nataglia Feliz at

On-site Learning Lunch Form
Home Learning Lunch Form

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Be Well,
Ms. Davis