Parent Reviews


All New York City parents know the stress of finding the right school for their children. We spoke with current families about their experiences finding a school for their child, and what made Harlem Academy the right choice for their family. 


“My daughter has always been a good student, but now she’s being challenged to push herself. Harlem Academy is much more academically focused than her previous school. It’s preparing her to succeed at a top high school and college because of the great education it provides.”
– Fifth-grade parent

“I live in the Bronx. When I compared what Harlem Academy has to offer, it is way above what I could find in my area. The public and charter schools are not prepared for a student like mine, who reads above his grade level. At Harlem Academy, the curriculum is designed to be more challenging.”
– Fourth-grade parent

“Harlem Academy’s small classes, engaged teachers, and opportunity to discuss contemporary issues leads my child to be challenged more than students in other schools.”
– Seventh-grade parent


“When there are 30-something kids in one classroom – like at my son’s last school in the Bronx – the teacher doesn’t have the patience or the time to dedicate attention to each student. At Harlem Academy, they have time for him. He is comfortable with his teachers. They know him.”
– Sixth-grade parent

“Harlem Academy is having such a positive impact on my son. The way he thinks of others, and is caring, and tries new things — it’s all because of this school. There is a real sense of community here. It’s like family.
– Second-grade parent

“I always thought I was going to avoid private schools for my young sons. I didn’t want them to be the only boys of color in their class at such a young age. I wanted them to grow up loving who they are. Then I found Harlem Academy. It’s a challenging private school, and it’s a nurturing academic space for children of color.
– Third-grade parent


“As a single mom, I didn’t want my financial struggles to affect my daughter. I wanted to give her the best education possible so that she could reach her goals. Harlem Academy helped me do that. The school exposed her to experiences and opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to provide or afford on my own.”
-- Alumni parent