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Why Harlem Academy?

Harlem Academy is a private school for gifted children from underserved communities. Ability and hard work should be a pathway to success, but for many bright students this promise too often remains out of reach.

By first grade, low-income children are only half as likely to be high achievers as their peers from more affluent communities. By fifth grade this shrinks even further.By the time they reach college, only 14% of students at the nation’s top 160 colleges and universities come from the bottom half of the income distribution.2

Enrollment at Top Colleges by Income

college freshman income distribution chart

Our Place in the Educational Landscape

Most Harlem Academy students enter with scores at the 70th-85th percentile – too high to receive attention at public or charter schools and too low to gain admission to the city’s competitive programs. ​

With a focus on rigor, character, and family partnership, we guide students to thrive at the highest academic levels, so they can catch up with their higher income peers and one day make a mark on the world.

Harlem Academy in the educational landscape graphic

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