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Why Harlem Academy?

Filling a Critical Gap in the Education Landscape

Most Harlem Academy students enter with scores at the 70th-85th percentile. These scores are too high to gain attention at public or charter schools, where most resources are dedicated to pulling students to basic proficiency, and too low to gain admission to the city’s selective programs. Harlem Academy offers a unique opportunity for promising students to realize their potential.

Public and Charter School
Performance Above Proficiency

Just a fraction of students in Harlem, Washington Heights, and the Bronx exceed state standards for basic proficiency.

Gifted and Talented Access in Underserved Communities

In the communities we serve, 0.3% of kindergartners have the resources or preparation needed to test into the citywide gifted and talented programs. The rates in other neighborhoods are 20 times higher.

Harlem Academy's Impact

Students enter Harlem Academy with average scores in the 74th percentile and earn 16 points of growth by eighth grade. Nationally, students with a similar profile fall to the 59th percentile.