Financial & Privacy Information

Financial & Privacy Information

Harlem Academy is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization chartered by the State of New York's Board of Regents. The school has received recognition for its efficient use of contributions to best deliver on its mission.



Harlem Academy does not trade, sell, or share personal information of donors, attending families, or inquiring families with anyone outside of our organization. We do not send mailings on behalf of other organizations. Your information is kept in a secured file with access limited to approved administrative personnel. Harlem Academy will make corrections to your information or remove you from our database at your request. Any changes can be executed via an electronic message sent to or by calling the school.

Harlem Academy publishes an annual list of donors and volunteers. Donors and volunteers will be listed anonymously if such a designation is made via the check off box on a remittance envelope or a request made via an electronic message sent to or by calling the school.

There are no refunds on credit card donations. Refunds for tuition will be on a case-by-case basis.