2020-21 Progress Report

2020-21 Progress Report

Monday, October 4, 2021
Dear Friends,

Earlier this year, Jade Morton-Alexander ’16, a sophomore at Tufts University, shared exciting news: she’d been selected to work on a DNA research project led by her college president. Jade dove into the work, helping to study specific molecules’ potential for therapeutic intervention. “I loved science when I was a student at Harlem Academy, and I still do now,” she told us. “The overnight trips to RPI and the science projects we did in class helped to spur my interest.” Jade’s goal is to become a cardiologist, and I have no doubt that she will.

Harlem Academy’s mission to drive equity of opportunity for promising students like Jade is more critical than ever as we continue to navigate these challenging times. That’s why I’m proud to share that for the fifth consecutive year, 100% of our eighth graders enrolled in selective secondary schools, including Fieldston, Riverdale, and Trinity. And every member of the class of 2017 entered four-year colleges, including Georgetown, Hamilton, and Tufts. 

There were many more points of pride to celebrate this past year. Construction of our new school building at 655 St. Nicholas Avenue is nearly complete, and our annual parents’ survey showed overwhelmingly positive results. Please read our progress report to learn more about what we have accomplished.

With gratitude,
Vinny Dotoli
Head of School
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