High academic standards and a rigorous curriculum form the foundation of Harlem Academy's program. Within an extended day, our students have five hours of daily academic instruction focusing on core skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Our students are expected to work hard and take responsibility for their behavior. We acknowledge that every community member is working toward – but never fully achieving – the ideals put forth in our school creed. To promote continual growth, students write weekly reflections and conclude each trimester with self-assessment and goal setting. Harlem Academy teachers recognize and reward determination, curiosity, and love of learning. Students gain confidence as they take on real challenges and achieve their goals within a joyful, collaborative environment.

We are fortunate to be situated in a city with unrivaled cultural and educational resources. Professors, entrepreneurs, doctors, and other inspiring role models regularly visit our classrooms to complement our faculty’s expertise and enliven course material. Student trips include visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, New York Hall of Science, and Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Families are a child’s most important resource and critical educational partners. Every Harlem Academy family volunteers at the school, makes tuition payments, and supports their child’s academic and holistic growth. 

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