Curriculum Overview

The school’s overarching goal is to develop students’ habits of learning and core academic skills. Harlem Academy is driven by Aristotle’s theory: “We are what we repeatedly do.” To that end, we offer students frequent opportunities to develop successful habits of learning that they can eventually make their own. Rather than focus on a breadth of topics, the program focuses on deep, significant development of core academic skills that students can continue to apply as they progress through their academic and professional careers.

We foster the development of strong character habits through a school-wide advisory program structured around four community pillars: initiative, integrity, compassion, and determination and a School Creed:

Harlem Academy School Creed
We hold a weekly Community Meeting, offering an opportunity for students to recognize their peers’ exemplary contributions and reflect upon their own behavior. During each meeting, teachers recount moments in which students exhibited exemplary behavior. A weekly message then examines an aspect of the School Creed, emphasizing the habits most critical to students’ success. To close the meeting, community members shake hands, recite the creed, and share a quiet moment before a silent recessional. Students return to their classrooms to reflect on the community meeting message in their advisory journals.

Harlem Academy has two divisions: a lower school (grades 1-4) and a middle school (grades 5-8). The lower school is homeroom-based with two teachers working on a staggered schedule with each class from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The two teachers hold primary responsibility for advancing students’ core academic skills, developing strong character, and nurturing family partnership. The middle school is designed around subject-based specialists, challenging students to navigate a schedule, multiple environments, and different class structures. 

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Harlem Academy Curriculum Guide

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