Why Harlem Academy?

Harlem Academy prepares bright, motivated students from underserved communities for success at top secondary schools and universities.

Low-income students are dramatically under-represented at top colleges and universities, with only 9% of students at tier-1 institutions coming from the bottom 50% of the income distribution.

Harlem Academy fills a hole in the educational landscape. Good charter, public, and Catholic schools focus on moving struggling and average students up to proficiency. City-wide gifted and talented programs admit only students who are already testing at the 97th percentile or higher. Harlem Academy focuses on moving students from above average to excelling.

Our program challenges bright students to reach even higher. In the first year, the average student sees a 13-point increase on nationally standardized tests. In 2014, almost half of our students scored in the top 10% of the nation on reading comprehension.

Harlem Academy’s first three graduating classes have earned more than $890,000 in annual scholarships to top secondary schools, including Chapin, Hotchkiss, Peddie, and Riverdale.

Each family is expected make a tuition contribution, but no family is ever turned away because of an inability to pay. 74% of Harlem Academy families have household incomes below the living wage.

This transformational educational experience exists because of the generosity of donors, with 85% of Harlem Academy’s operating costs covered by philanthropic gifts. 

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